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Welcome to the resources section. We hope you find this information helpful in better understanding chiropractic care.

Benefits of Upper Cervical Knee Chest chiropractic

This type of Chiropractic Care focuses on the top two bones in the spine (the upper cervical complex) and removes interference in the nervous system and more specifically the brainstem, with one simple adjustment. The brainstem, the master control of the nervous system, controls automatic functions and responses in the body, such as pain, sleep, digestion, blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, and much more. When the brain and the body are able to communicate freely with each other, you are able to live life to its highest potential.

How Upper Cervical Knee Chest adjustments work

Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic specializes in returning the brain-body communication, which allows the body to heal like it was designed to do. A very specific analysis is done which allows the doctor to design a care plan that is specialized to YOU. I use Thermographic scans to determine if you have pressure on your brainstem and nervous system. Then precision x-rays are taken as necessary for each case to determine how the spine is misaligned. Lastly, a correction of this misalignment is made with a Specific Upper Cervical Adjustment, removing the pressure on the brainstem and nervous system allowing the body to begin to heal. This is all accomplished without drugs or surgery.

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