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About depression
Depression is a type of mood disorder where the symptom can be psychological, cognitive and physical. Depression and Chiropractic Treatment Person with depression presents with consistent depressed mood and/or decreased interest (things that use to provide interest). In the United States, it is estimated 16.6% of population will experience depression in their lifetime and 6.6% will experience depression in a 1-year period.

Common symptoms: Mood disturbance, work or relationship dysfunction, weight gain or loss, fatigue, sleep disturbances, and difficulty concentrating

How chiropractic can help with depression
Depression affects the whole body, particularly the brain and nervous system. It is caused by multiple factors such as genetic, hormonal, psychological and social factors. Many times, patients with depression complain of physical symptoms (musculoskeletal complaint) where mental distress transfers to physical symptoms. As a result, it is very important to include chiropractic treatment in managing depression. Chiropractic adjustment (Cranial, upper-cervical adjusting), myofascial relief therapy (MRT) and other nutritional, environmental factors will be consulted at Chiropractic Concept of Bellevue for depression therapy.

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